Olmeja Advocacy Services' mission is to successfully provide the highest quality of therapeutic resources necessary to build a strong foundation that will lead maximizing the lives of individuals in our care.


Olmeja Advocacy Services' philosophy has been developed with the vision of providing comprehensive community-based services for individuals with mental health issues as we provide an array of therapeutic services. This can include psychiatric problems related to mood disorders, thought disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders as well as disruptive behaviors. The focus of our services will be centered on the development of self-concept that will become positive enough to allow our clients to explore their world in a healthier way. This will be supported by staff’s intervention that promotes a sense of acceptance and success. Our clients benefit from positive experiences, which will enhance their understanding of their role in relationships and assist them in the development of adaptive responses to stress/problems and enhance their potential for independence.

OAS approach to treatment is to:

  1. Develop, strengthen, preserve, and enrich the individual.
  2. Increase personal motivation
  3. Promote a healthy sense of independence
  4. Provide extensive and comprehensive wrap around services
  5. Incorporate individuals into the fiber of positive community life.

Olmeja Advocacy Services believes this approach to treatment and training will offer our clients the greatest potential toward a maximized life.