POSITION: Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP A/C)

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Under the direction and supervision of the Clinical Supervisor and Program Director, to act as clinical overseer by instructing and mentoring clinical providers in a full range of treatment services to mental health clients and their families; to ensure quality clinical services are being provided by team members, including review of assessments and diagnosis, treatment plans, delivery of services and evaluation of clinical outcomes; and other related work as required.

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Clinical/Program Director


  • Manage a caseload of 4-6 clients providing comprehensive services, holistic behavioral techniques (primarily in the home), and interventions that will reduce the client’s risk of removal from the home.
  • Be on-call (24) for hours a day, (7) days a week to respond to crises.
  • Provide direct behavioral educational services to the client using a variety of evidenced-based psycho-educational techniques.
  • Complete and/or provide the appropriate progress notes and other necessary documentation daily.
  • Prepare detailed ISP’s, Quarterly Reports and Discharge Plans minimally quarterly.
  • Participate in client-specific team meetings pertinent to the progress of the client and their family.
  • Collaborate and/or coordinate with other case involved service providers and professionals such as school personnel, attorneys, social workers, and probation officers, etc.
  • Connect the client and family to wrap-around services through referrals and/or other appropriate documented measures.
  • Attend court hearings pertaining to the client and provide a written or oral report to the court and other officials deemed appropriate for the report.
  • Participate in client-specific team meetings that involve wraparound services or immediately impact client outcomes (i.e., Family Assessment Planning Team meetings; Individualized Education Plan meetings; and all other meetings pertinent to the progress and care of the client).
  • Participate in mandatory Clinical Supervision as well as Clinical staffing of cases.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications:

Licensed by the Board of Counseling.

1 Year of Experience working with the population served.

Must be able to pass a background check.

Valid Driver’s License.

Reliable Transportation.